Adrian Wyatt(non-registered)
Street photo 19 really caught my eye. Look at others later.
Great images, very nice colors and composition.
Wonderful to see your "eye" and the perspective you bring to street photography (the only category I have looked at so far). I appreciate the density and tones of your B/W work. I trust you will continue to enjoy the exploration of your own photographic journey :-)
Hello Keith, found you while researching street. It's great to find a decent street photographer from the UK. I liked your images and took some inspiration from a few.
Jon Bliss(non-registered)
I really like the street photos, great work
Lovely photos, inspiring and thought provoking too!
You have some remarkable photos on here Keith, thanks for sharing.
Martin Jakobsen(non-registered)
Nice shots :-)
John Milne(non-registered)
Terrific work Keith. Really pleased to see it.
Hugh Janus(non-registered)
Nice shots, but gicglee; isn't that just an arty name for inkjet?
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