Keith Towers Photography

Keith was born in Hertfordshire, England, in 1943, and was raised and educated in South London. He left the city smoke behind when he got married in 1969 and moved with his wife to the ‘Hatters’ town of Luton, Bedfordshire, where they had their daughter. Later, they moved to the Isle of Wight, where they have continued to live for over 30 years. The Isle of Wight is beautiful diamond shaped island situated about four miles distant from Portsmouth and Southampton mainland, in the County of Hampshire, UK.

As a photographer, Keith realises that all art is subjective and therefore he doesn’t expect for one single moment that everyone who browses through his images will feel the same way about them as he does himself. Even so, he hopes that you enjoy the small collection of images that he has put together on this website, and he thanks you for your support and encouragement.

Current equipment:
I now work with a Fuji X Pro 1 camera. After selling all my Canon Gear I moved to the Fuji X100 Limited Edition fixed focal length camera and have now moved on to the XP1, which is a delight to use.

Displaying Prints:

Hanging and displaying images on your wall correctly is just as important as your choice of frame and size of image within it. Keith allows for borders from 1.5 inches through to 2, 2.5, and even 3 inches depending on the size of the image choice (see chart further down). Measure the space where you intend hanging your image and consider filling around 50% of it with art work. Make a plan of the wall space on plain white paper to scale and cut various sized black card squares to the scale of the frame sizes you would like to use. You will readily see that an 8"x 12" unmounted image will look like a postage stamp on a wall space of 10 feet x 8 feet for instance, but will improve in looks if mounted in a frame with a mount size increase to 12" x 16".


Please note that Keith does not run a photography business in the strict sense of the word. However, he does understand that some people will find his work interesting enough to want to own a print or two. If this is the case please understand that he will only supply gallery quality prints from this site using the best Giclée printing process on offer. Pricing, ordering, and shipping will be entirely supervised personally by him. If you would like further information please use the contact page to email him with your requirements. He will get back to you a.s.a.p. with some ideas for you to mull over. All prints purchased from this website are bespoke. Sorry, but UK sales only at this present time. Keith will always ask for Hahnemuehle paper where possible.

Should you come across a print that does not live up to the quality mentioned, or is found outside of the United Kingdom, (other than a canvas from an authorised seller of his work – see link below) it will most certainly be an unauthorised copy and will have encroached upon Keith's intellectual and artistic copyright. Please let him know if you feel that someone has used one of his images without permission. You could earn yourself a complimentary print if the evidence you provide leads to a successful prosecution. Thankfully, most people are honest, and enjoy photography in the same way as he does - but you never know! Please email a copy of the website address, or the retail outlet where you may have seen one of his images, leaving your name and IP email address. Without that IP information emails will be regarded as spam and automatically deleted. Thank you for your help with regards to this matter.

For top quality printing, Keith uses the following print shop exclusively for all his personal work. Please check them out here:

Example of 'Open' edition prices on Hahnemuhle photo rag paper:

Prints only @ 12x16 = £120.00

Mounted ready for framing @16x12 = £140.00

Oak Framed ready to hang @ 16x12 = £220.00 (High quality perspex used. Glass cannot be shipped)

in order of left to right: in inches, paper size first, border size next and actual print size last

10x8- 1.5 -7x5
12x10- 2- 8x6
14x11- 2- 10x7
15x10- 2- 11x6
16x12- 2- 12x8
20x16- 2- 16x12
24x20- 2- 20x16
30x24- 2.5-25x19
30x30- 2.5- 25x25
40x30- 2.5- 24-x34
40x40- 3- 34x34

You can also find some more of Keith’s work at where you can buy canvases at reasonable prices.